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The road to here

Riding our own route.

The best idea’s find their origin at the bar, and so did ours. While designing for other companies, we were dreaming about starting our own business. It happened to be with bikes. Just because we like stuff with wheels and we like to question our minds on how to make an everyday product better. Bicycles have been around for ages and from a designers perspective we couldn’t wait to give it a twist of our own.

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Inspired by early 1900’s motorcycles we build modern classics.

When we founded Spaac Motorized Bicycles, electric bicycles were seen as products for lazy people. Kinda stupid we thought. Bicycles with engines can be as exciting as the first motorcycles back in 1900s.

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“ I like my Spaac S5 because it’s 100% designed”

Ben Rogmans, Spaac owner

Building the brand

With just two people involved, we started of doing all the designing, engineering, and prototyping ourselves. After successfully ending a crowdfunding pre-order campaign in 2015, we managed to set up every important aspect of the business.
Call it bootstrapping or lean and mean, by keeping the business small, we’re able to control r&d, production, marketing, sales and service with a small team; the two of us together with the right partners.

Small loops push you forward. We’ve seen so many products come and go. The main reason? Upscaling loss products. Our approach is sustainable, we offer something that we know is really good.

We’re here to stay.

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